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In This 750-Square-Foot Barcelona Loft, a Statement-Making Archway Is One of the Only Partitions

Architect Isern Serra designed the apartment to serve as a refuge, both aesthetically and practically, for its artist owner
In This 750SquareFoot Barcelona Loft a StatementMaking Archway Is One of the Only Partitions
A circular arch adds an artistic and sculptural touch to this long loft without any doors separating its different spaces.Enric Badrinas

The apartment is furnished with a curated selection of pieces and others that Isern designed himself, which engage with the geometry of the space. He was successful at giving the loft an impeccable aesthetic without sacrificing functionality. The strategically placed touches of color, the meticulously chosen furniture, and the works of art—both Pol’s pieces and others by his friends—contribute to create a vibrant atmosphere, full of life and with a very personal touch.

Several custom-made tables, designed by Isern for this project, create a play of geometries that engages with the space, adding character and personality.

Enric Badrinas

The lighting design also adds an aesthetic power to the home. “We tried to illuminate the space with points of light. I didn’t want general, ambient light, and so we opted for table lamps and hanging ones at a low height where they mark corners and bring a warmth to the space,” Isern explains.

This loft is proof that even the most undistinguished spaces—like a former office—can be transformed into true oases. Isern has managed to create not only an aesthetic haven, but also an inspiring experience that combines art, functionality, and Mediterranean warmth in an unexpected place. The inviting home is an example of how intelligent design paired with a meticulous attention to detail can turn an ordinary space into something unique.

This Barcelona loft was first published by AD Spain. It was translated by John Newton.