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A Barcelona Apartment That Makes the Case for a Pink Kitchen

The color was an immediate yes for creative couple Coke Bartrina and Nuria Val
velvet green sofa next to built in bench
It took two years for entrepreneur Nuria Val and photographer Coke Bartrina to find this apartment in Barcelona. "We were looking for somewhere special, with lots of light, quiet, high ceilings, and a small balcony," Coke remembers.Photo: Coke Bartrina

As Barcelona-based photographer Coke Bartrina tells it, he had recently brought on Andrea Conti and Isabel Cert, founders of local architecture firm Conti, Cert, to remodel his new one-bedroom apartment, which he shares with his partner Nuria Val, founder of Rowse Beauty. The duo were suggesting coral pink walls for the kitchen and, well, they were nervous. "They first proposed it fearing that I would have a complex about being male and having pink walls in the kitchen. But we totally loved it from the very beginning!" Coke recalls. And it was then, says Andrea, that "we knew that they were the perfect customers to be able to make such a kitchen for."

In the kitchen, the original Catalan vaulted ceiling competes with the color palette for best detail. (It had been hidden by plaster!)

Photo: Coke Bartrina

Although the three-month-long renovation involved major changes—they tore down almost every wall to open up the boxy floor plan—Conti, Cert never had to convince the couple to go along with a recommendation. "We worked as a team with them," says Andrea. Coke explains, "They took our ideas and improved them."

Although most of the walls came down, the tile floors made the cut. "We kept the floor as it is very representative of this type of Barcelona apartment," Andrea explains.

Photo: Coke Bartrina

Both Coke and Nuria work from home, so carving out an office space big enough for two was key.

Photo: Coke Bartrina

Take the built-in bench that spans from living room (where it acts as a shelf) to dining nook (where it becomes seating). "We wanted to have this style of bench, shelves, and kitchen island because it reminds us a lot of the coastal houses in Costa Brava," says Coke.

On the living room side, the built-in bench is also storage for records and baskets.

Photo: Coke Bartrina

"When lots of people come for dinner, we can put the stuff that lives on top of the bench somewhere else to have a big long table," says Coke.

Photo: Coke Bartrina

Conti, Cert took the couple's idea and ran with it, adding a similar ledge behind the sofa to follow the lines created by the built-in. "We love having this space to leave some stuff, such as pictures, lamps, and sculpture," Coke says.

A simple jute rug is the perfect contrast to the living room's luxurious velvet sectional.

Photo: Coke Bartrina

A similar melding of minds happened with the apartment's outdoor space. What was once an empty, enclosed alcove is now a haven for both the couple and their plant collection. "We have lots of plants and we needed somewhere for them. We like to take care of them," Coke explains. "We also wanted the possibility of having a barbecue and somewhere to breathe in some tranquility." To further enhance the peaceful atmosphere, Conti, Cert suggested painting the wall a lush green color. Given their love for foliage, it was a no-brainer for Coke and Nuria.

Don't forget to look up! Basic bamboo fencing acts as a roof for the balcony.

Photo: Coke Bartrina

Coke and Nuria's passion projects can be found inside, too. "I made the dining table from tropical wood some years ago and asked a metal worker to make the frame," Coke points out. The custom emerald sofa, on the other hand, was all Nuria. "Nuria made very clear she wanted to have a sofa like this and I just couldn't fight it," he says. These personal details were a big part of Conti, Cert's vision for the home. "We wanted to achieve a project that talks about Coke and Nuria, that 100-percent breathes the essence of them, and I think we got it," says Andrea. We have to agree.

In the bathroom, a Baltic birch plywood vanity with unfinished edges is paired with the palest of pink tiles, a color chosen to complement the original tile floors.

Photo: Coke Bartrina

Coke and Nuria chose to keep the bedroom on the smaller side, "because we pretty much just go there to sleep," he says. A Muji bed with storage underneath keeps it neat.

Photo: Coke Bartrina

💡 Do It Yourself

  1. Swap your TV for a projector. Tucked away on a shelf, it's much less obtrusive than the traditional giant black rectangle.

  2. Always look into multiple material options for a project. Here, building the kitchen island out of stone was actually less expensive than using wood.

  3. When you're dealing with a small bathroom, opt for a full wall of mirror rather than a framed piece to make the space appear larger.

  4. Choose a basic tile in a not-so-basic color and size, as Conti, Cert did in the bathroom, to make an impact without hurting your budget.

  5. Turn a single wall into a fully functional office. Coke and Nuria's shared desk goes up rather than out, saving precious floor space.

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