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Budgeting, Wellness, and Sustainability at Home

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What 5 Farmers Really Think About Modern Farmhouse Style

The ubiquitous style that HGTV popularized is very different from the farmer’s classic home
We're Obsessed

What Your Refrigerator Decor Says About You

Because the fridge is where the heart is
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The Cringiest Kitchen Decor Trends, According to Food Artists

13 design choices that give professional foodies the ick
The More You Know

Unpacking the Designer Dupes Dilemma

Inside the complicated world of home decor knockoffs and copies
Shop Smarter

23 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Shopping at Flea Markets and Antique Shows

Breaking down all the dos and don’ts to know before you go
Life Goals

7 Trans and Non-Binary Creators Share What Home Means to Them

The personal spaces of Rose Dommu, Melo Davis, and other designers, artists, and writers are sure to inspire
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What 6 Couples Wish They Knew Before Moving in Together

Sometimes combining a life is easier than merging interior design styles
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What’s All the Hype Behind Design Merch?

Whether it’s cool or cringe is up for debate, but there’s more to this crossover than meets the eye
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Small Space Living With Kids: How Parents Make Room for Themselves

Four families unpack learnings from their real life experiences 🍼
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How to Curate a Kid-Friendly Space Without Compromising Your Style

Eight mothers tell us what they’ve learned on the road to becoming cool parents 🚼
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So What Actually Happens When You Send Your Couch to a Furniture Recycling Program?

Unpacking the full process behind furniture circulation solutions ♻️
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Why Does Gen Z Love Hauling Stuff?

Unpacking the “contradictory generation” of borderline hoarders
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16 Interior Design Red Flags to Look Out For When You’re Dating

Eight experts share what gives them the ick
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The Cringiest Plant Trends We’re Leaving Behind in 2023 (and Beyond)

Here’s what eight experts suggest doing instead to spruce up your interiors
Retail Therapy

Picky People: 5 Creatives on Finding the Perfect Couch

For the design obsessed, it’s about way more than what will simply fit in the space
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Are Surprise Home Makeovers Ever a Good Idea? 

Though the trope has been sensationalized for years on TV shows, in real life it requires careful consideration 
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Colin King’s 5 Tips for Arranging the Most Stunning Vignettes in Your Home

The interior stylist’s new book, Arranging Things, shows us the untapped potential of simple household objects
Clever's Sleep Week

The Power of Designing Your Sick Bed

There’s comfort in curation when you can’t leave you bed
Retail Therapy

Why the Breakup Couch Is a Rite of Passage 

Because partners come and go, but a really good sofa can last forever