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The Grand Tour

This 18th-Century Barn in Sweden Is Now a Functional Modern Farmhouse

The interior designer owner preserved the magic and history of the island home
The Grand Tour

A New Mezzanine Level Transformed This 750-Square-Foot Brooklyn Apartment

With a drywall platform and staircase, Fiona Byrne turned wasted space into a personal paradise
The Grand Tour

This 394-Square-Foot Madrid Home Is an Homage to the Desert

An interior designer created her own calming space filled with curves
Room Envy

The Tea Room Inside This LA Loft Is a Storage Serenity

The guest room inside Amanda Gunawan’s home serves as the ultimate WFH zone
The Grand Tour

This 360-Square-Foot Apartment Is Built Around One Sneaky Storage Solution

The design pays a lively tribute to the Bordeaux building’s rich history
The Grand Tour

This 900-Square-Foot Brooklyn Apartment Is a Tapestry of Travel Memories

Each roommate brings something to the table—and floors and walls
Bright Ideas

Virgo Season: 14 Design Ideas From the Homes of Virgo Celebrities

This Virgo season is all about reorganizing and redecorating ♍
The Grand Tour

This 420-Square-Foot Home in Kazakhstan Is a Colorful Escape for a Family of Six

Pops of color and a mashup of textured glass add levity to the small space
Room Envy

Come For the Pistachio Green Kitchen Inside This Venice Beach Home, Stay for the Hidden Bar Cabinet

Jamie Lenore McKillop is the host with the most entertaining setup by far
Bright Ideas

Color Drenching: Everything You Need to Know About This Monochromatic Trend

Offering a powerful one-hue punch, color drenching reduces visual noise and can even make small spaces appear bigger
Bright Ideas

15 Bedroom Color Ideas for a Personal and Energizing Space

Get inspired by our favorite bedroom color ideas that will make your bed an even happier place to come home to
The Grand Tour

A 430-Square-Foot Minimalist Apartment in Barcelona Full of Functionality

Batte Interioristas handled the design of the pared down interiors
We're Obsessed

11 Design Ideas We’re Borrowing From the Yowie Hotel

Shannon Maldonado’s spin on hospitality is curating a design destination that feels like an extension of home
The Grand Tour

Sight Unseen Co-Founder Jill Singer’s Greenpoint Apartment Is Defined By Her Favorite Objects

She buys things she likes and figures out the rest later
Splurge Worthy

Katie Parla Writes Best-Selling Cookbooks From This Vintage Italian Coffee Table

It’s not only the hub of her office; it’s the heart of the entire home
Bright Ideas

12 Wooden Kitchen Ideas That Prove the Material’s Versatility

Wood cabinets and islands can provide wonderfully cozy additions to your meal prep space