Amazing Gothic and Gothic Revival Architecture

Known for its pointed arches, flying buttresses, and detailed tracery, Gothic architecture emerged in 12th-century northern France and the style continued into the 16th century. One of the earliest examples is the Basilica of St. Denis, which was rebuilt in the Gothic style by Abbot Suger. Gothic style was used in the design of cathedrals and castles throughout the middle ages, including Chartres Cathedral in France, Westminster Abbey in London, and the Duomo in Milan. In the 19th century, the Gothic Revival, or neo-Gothic, style brought the architectural elements and medieval design motifs back into fashion. London’s Palace of Westminster and St. Pancras railway station and New York’s Trinity Church and St. Patrick’s Cathedral are famous examples of Gothic Revival buildings. Learn more about the Gothic and Gothic Revival styles in this special collection, as AD explores historic buildings—and even homes for sale—around the world.

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Photo: Alamy/Wiliam Perry