Inside a Penthouse That Floats Above Manhattan

The ode to Japanese American heritage brings the best of breezy California living to New York City—while featuring Art Deco treasures
Inside a Penthouse That Floats Above Manhattan
Art: Eric Wink

From there, he designed the custom rug—a must with every project—with stripes that run the length of the room and cohesively tie it together. (The graphics were specifically placed in AutoCAD so they wouldn’t get covered up by furniture.) Upstairs, the clients wanted the bedroom to feel like a hotel room, but a bit more bespoke, interesting, and layered with character. The first step was to keep the hotel scale and prioritize simple, crisp whites. Behind the bed, Zuchowicki opted for a cerused walnut screen that adds a bit more texture than a traditional headboard would.

After getting to know the clients’ taste, Zuchowicki was able to introduce them to pieces from his personal favorite design movement, Art Deco. “You find out what it is about the pieces they’re drawn to, and you’re able to introduce them to other movements that work in the same scale,” he says. “We thought, Oh if you love this, then you’re going to love rustic French Deco pieces, like Pierre Chapo and Hervé Baley.” As it turned out, this realization spurred a new passion for the owners in collecting such pieces. “They didn’t really know this world before, and it’s so exciting when you get to introduce someone to their new hobby—you feel responsible for their new dark obsession,” he says with a laugh.