Inside Ashley Benson’s Personal (and Playful) Los Angeles Home

The dreamy Old Hollywood property got a thoughtful update inspired by worldly hotels, plus a handful of feminine flourishes

Much of the home is informed by Benson’s love of femininity and travel, as well as her profession. As someone who is often on the road for work, she wanted the space to feel cozy while paying homage to some of her favorite hotels around the world. Enter the sensual speakeasy inspired by Hotel Costes in Paris, and a pool area reminiscent of Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Since Benson loves to cook and entertain, the “spacious and open” kitchen seemed especially important. “One of my favorite directors is Nancy Meyers, so my dream was always to create something that I felt would be in one of her movies,” she says.

While Gordon envisioned a “sophisticated and cohesive” abode, she also wanted Benson to have a few places that were just “fun.” The powder room, laundry room, and aforementioned speakeasy became areas where Benson could infuse the home with bolder touches. For instance, the laundry room is covered in a wallpaper featuring astronauts. Bolder still is the secret door, which connects the room to both her closet and a library-slash-guest room, while obscuring its existence.

Taken together, it’s clear that all these individual zones combine to create not just a house, but a dream home. And yet, dreams have a funny way of changing. Recently, Benson sold the labor of love to make way for a new one—life with fiancé Brandon Davis.