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Inside A $33,000,000 Triplex New York Penthouse

Today Architectural Digest brings you to Manhattan's Upper East Side for an all-access tour of the triplex penthouse at 180 E88th Street, currently on the market for $33,000,000.

Released on 11/28/2022


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[Loretta] Welcome to 180 East 88th Street.

I'm excited to introduce you to the highest elevation

being offered in all of Carnegie Hill

on the upper east side, the penthouse.

Five bed, four and a half bath triplex

with 5,500 interior square feet,

3,500 exterior square feet,

with multiple terraces, including a full roof terrace.

This private home has its own interior elevator,

stunning kitchen, two living rooms, three fireplaces,

ceiling heights of 13 and a half to just shy of 29 feet.

The stunning floor to ceiling windows offer views

of the Manhattan skyline, Central Park,

George Washington Bridge, East River, and beyond.

And it's on the market for $33 million.

I'm happy to introduce to you the CEO of Azur

and DDG Properties, Joe McMillan.

Thank you, Loretta.

Let's take a tour.

Welcome to 180 East 88th Street.

We're in the pinnacle, the crown jewel of the tower.

Here in the living room, the primary entrance,

you come out of the elevator, private landing.

You have 14 two-foot tall ceilings.

You have exposures to the south,

you have exposures to the west towards the park.

We're standing in the second living room.

You may have noticed there's a very open floor plan

within the unit,

but we tried to create very discrete spaces,

so it doesn't feel like one cavernous area.

You have these huge expansive ceilings,

but there are very discrete seating areas,

broken up with a custom staircase, custom fireplace,

to really give you a sense of place

as you're sitting within different locations of the unit.

Let's go check out the dining room.

The centerpiece of the dining room is really the view.

You have all of the Midtown skyline,

Billionaire's Row out your window

through these beautiful framed arches

that accentuate the rest of the architecture

in the building.

If you look at these arches that are inspired

by turn of the century architecture 100 years ago,

what you saw in the '20s and '30s here in New York,

we incorporated that.

We tried to bring a little bit of downtown uptown.

We are standing in what has to be one

of the largest eat-in kitchens in New York City.

This kitchen was custom designed by us

in conjunction with Molteni of Italy.

Custom cabinets throughout.

We also have imported statuario marble from Italy,

imported Fantini custom fixtures from Italy,

a custom vented hood

that was made here in New York City by hand.

They have a German appliance package

completely integrating by Gaggenau.

Nothing was spared in this kitchen.

We created it for those who want to eat,

those who want to entertain.

You can sit, you can sip your coffee,

look out at the Midtown skyline,

with the East River behind.

What more could you ask for?

Now let's go upstairs and see the second floor.

We're standing in the primary suite,

very uniquely situated in the unit to face Central Park

and the Midtown skyline.

You have unobstructed views to the south,

unobstructed views to the west,

again, a custom sculptural organic fireplace.

You have a nice seating area.

You have a private outdoor terrace

with curved glass exclusive to the primary.

We're now standing in the primary bath,

unlike any other in New York City.

Three exposures, full glass.

To the north you have the George Washington Bridge

and Yankee Stadium.

To the west you have the Hudson River, Central Park.

And to the south you have the entire Midtown skyline.

Truly, a luxury spot in your own home.

Many of the same features that we talked about

throughout the rest of the building are here as well.

We have the custom imported Fantini brass fixtures

thread throughout the building.

We have silver travertine.

We have custom designed dual vanities.

We have wet-style high-gloss tub,

excellent for soaking as you sit and look out at the park.

Anything you could want, we've included here today.

And from the primary bath spa,

you can really appreciate and get up close

to the details and design of the building,

including the arches.

The arches serve dual purposes.

They're architectural,

as well as structural to the building.

And they also create a sense of security and comfort

when you're within the arch or under the arch.

The arches allow for setback outdoor space.

So if it's raining, if there's snow, inclement weather,

you can still be outdoors and enjoy the outdoors

without being in the elements.

We're now in the secondary bedroom wing.

This particular bedroom has en suite bath,

set up with two twins.

We have unobstructed views to the south

through an arched window.

We have views to the east to the East River,

and we also have a covered loggia

that connects this bedroom with the two adjoining bedrooms

next to our private outdoor area

that's unlike anything you'll see anywhere else.

The rooftop terrace is 2,100 square feet

of outdoor living space.

Currently configured for a multitude of uses.

We have a 14-person dining table.

We have a private outdoor living room.

We have a private outdoor sunroom.

You have a fireplace,

unobstructed 360 degree views as far as the eye can see.

The bricks we utilized in this building are very unique.

They're handmade in Denmark by a family

who got their commission from the King of Denmark

to make bricks.

Each individual brick is forged

and pushed out from the mold by hand.

You can see thumbprints in each of the bricks.

There are 600,000 that were used here on site.

These bricks were laid exactly the way bricks were laid

hundreds of years ago in New York City.

They're not a panalized system.

They're not craned in.

They're done by hand.

Thank you for joining us today.

This building offers not only the architectural design

that you won't find anywhere else in New York City,

but the views and the space.

It is a very unique offering here at 180 East 88th Street

on the market for $33 million.

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