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Inside A $50,000,000 West Hollywood Penthouse

Today Architectural Digest brings you high above West Hollywood, California to tour a $50 million penthouse with unbelievable outdoor space and commanding 360-degree views.

Released on 07/26/2022


[slow instrumental music]

Welcome to the penthouse at 8899 Beverly Boulevard,

here in West Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Now this 10,000 square feet architectural masterpiece

is one of my favorite properties ever.

And I don't say that lightly.

Designed by Olson Kundig, 8100 from Seattle.

This four bedroom, five bathrooms

has 14 foot ceilings throughout.

This architectural masterpiece sits in steel

and glass built upon the building 8099 Beverly.

It has a private elevator, private security,

private parking garage, even private entrance, why not?

And 10,000 square feet between indoor and outdoor.

This glass you're seeing is

the Vitrocsa glass system from Switzerland.

One of the most expensive glass systems in the world.

And we have almost 300 linear motorized glass

in this residence alone.

Today, I'm gonna give you a tour,

a sneak peek before anybody else in the world.

And then Andrew from ASH Staging,

is gonna show the beautiful furnishings that just came in.

This is the first time I see it too.

All of this is being shown as of today off market,

and valued [till chings] at $50 million.

[slow relaxed music]

At 10,000 square feet of combined interior

and exterior space, this is one of

the largest single floor penthouses in the country.

So in the Great Room we have a amazing opportunity

to create all of these individual spaces

to utilize it to its fullest potential.

A home of this scale calls for grand entertaining.

We have created a dining experience for 14,

but of course you could fit plenty more.

And this is all featured around

a custom one of a kind table by

the architects of the building, Olson Kundig.

So as with the custom apartment entry doors

which were designed by the building's architect, Tom Kundig,

we have here the same materiality in

the bronze inlay throughout the entire length of the table

that you will find on those handles.

So it is done by 12th Avenue Iron,

and it's featured also around the entire perimeter.

So it really marries the materials

of the building with the furniture inside.

[slow instrumental music]

So here we've created a magnificent living room.

Taking advantage of the unparalleled views of Los Angeles.

On this side, we have a large sectional sofa.

Seating for plenty of your closest family and friends.

And on that side we have vintage leather chairs

viewing out eastward as well.

This space would be perfect for entertaining friends.

There's plenty of room to move around,

converse, have intimate conversations,

one large game night,

it's really whatever you want it to be.

[bright instrumental music]

This lounge is a study in contrasts.

We have this amazing floor to ceiling fireplace

which really grounds the space in this super dark color.

That is in direct contrast with the warm woods

that surround the ceiling and the walls throughout.

To compliment that,

we added more curvilinear, softer forms,

where you could perhaps imagine yourself watching TV.

An Olson Kundig signature is

the blending of the indoor and outdoor spaces.

So between the wooden cantilever

that is seamless between the indoors and outdoors

as well as the Travertine floor,

all of this fades away when you open the walls of glass.

You can even see in the transition between the flooring

that same bronze material

that you'll find in the dining table and on the entry doors.

With these retractable glass walls

you have the extraordinary opportunity

to enjoy the views as the art itself of the home.

And from the Great Room,

I will now take you into the kitchen

where I will pass the torch off to Frederick

who will take it from here.

And to clarify, this is the show kitchen.

Mm, excuse me.

The prep kitchen is there.

So we actually have two kitchens.

Come with me, guys.

[light instrumental music]

This beautiful show kitchen has a lot of seating

and a lot of space, beautiful surfaces

that you can keep clean

because you do actually have a prep kitchen over there.

And the way that it's designed,

'cause it's so open with all of these glass

and beautiful views in every angle, corners,

that if you're entertaining, you're having dinner parties,

and then it sort of spills over here.

I mean, they say that the kitchen is really

the heart of the home.

And right here in this kitchen

this is the heart of the apartment.

What Olson Kundig designed

with all our interior is something beautiful and timeless.

You can see it here in the Calacatta marble,

the beautiful white oak cabinetry,

the back splash, the angel hair brushed hood here.

But most importantly, the size of it.

You have 40 feet wide, 14 foot ceilings,

wall there of paneling,

double wine, double ovens, double everything,

even double kitchens 'cause you got

the show kitchen and the prep kitchen.

And my favorite feature?

You walk here

and this huge amount of glass just slides open,

an indoor outdoor.

And look how tall the ceilings are?

I'm six foot five.

So can we fit three Frederick's here?

I don't know.

Okay guys, are you ready for this?

This penthouse has six ovens, two warming drawers.

This one, microwave.

Double big ovens, fitting many turkeys.

And then in the prep kitchen, there's even more ovens.

[whispers] Six.

I wonder, is it a kitchen?

Or is it almost a piece of art, like a sculpture?

And that's the thing with this design,

it's so timeless what Olsen Kundig did.

And now when you guys have seen

this beautiful piece of art, the kitchen,

let's go to the primary suite.

Follow me.

[light instrumental music]

Welcome to the primary suite.

You're entering these beautiful double doors.

The whole suite is facing north

for the most beautiful views you've ever seen.

Two massive, not walk in closets, real dressing areas.

And then this beautiful sort of floating wall.

Bed, right looking outside.

And by the way, these views are protected.

No one can ever block them.

As you can see, motorized Vitrocsa glass,

one of the most expensive glass systems in the world.

Three quarters of an inch steel frame.

I call them helicopter proof.

And you come out here, and look at this view.

And this terrace, by the way, it is massive.

It's 2,000 square feet of wraparound terrace.

The sunsets, the sunrises, the Hills.

Some people would say this is

the best view in the entire world.

I tend to agree.

This is the bathroom of all bathrooms because of the view.

And that glass just slides open seamlessly, motorized.

And in the morning you have your coffee out there.

Read the morning paper, maybe take a bath.

Now, the shower.

Come in here.

You got the view here, the sunset, the Hills,

the greenery, your terrace, and then this beautiful shower,

and the invisible drain here.

Can you see it?

No, I thought so.

You can't.

[light instrumental music]

Oh, you're still here.

Okay, let's continue the tour.

One of Olson Kundig's many specials, they have mega doors.

I mean, you can agree,

you've never seen a bigger door than this.

And this door divides

the primary suite into this amazing space

which is you have a little seating room,

your TV room, your library,

anything you want it to be right off the bedroom,

the primary suite, and the most incredible views ever.

You sit here, you have a little night cap,

and you enjoy that stunning, stunning view.

[slow instrumental music]

Here we are in the office

which has a beautiful silver Travertine cladded bathroom,

and, whoa, this amazing color.

Do you see, you see my suit?

Let me remind you guys

that every single room has 14 foot ceiling

plus incredible views, terraces.

And this glass that just slides open, motorized.

Yeah, you can get the jet ready now.


Mm, load up the Warhol.

I'll see you in Art Basel, okay?

It's a nice office.

[slow instrumental music]

This penthouse is over 10,000 square feet,

indoor and outdoor.

And, you know, you can't really find

10,000 square feet anywhere on one floor.

This is a simplex.

And usually you get a terrace here and there.

This terrace is 2,000 square feet

wrapping around the whole residence.

Come with me.

We can even walk from the primary over there,

passing multiple seating areas, dining.

And we come in to the magnificent living room.

This entire project,

this building, 10 years in the making,

is really a love letter to Los Angeles.

And this is the crown penthouse.

Facing east, 360 views, 10,000 square feet.

Absolutely stunning.

And it's being shown as of today off market,

valued at $50 million.

[slow instrumental music]

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