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Inside A Modern $100M Equestrian Estate & Farm

Today Architectural Digest brings you to Upstate New York to tour the majestic $100M Stonewall Farm Estate, a stunning 24,000 square foot mansion situated on a 740-acre horse farm.

Released on 10/13/2022


[upbeat acoustic music]

[Hope] Just 40 miles north of New York City,

but a world away from it all.

I'm Hope Mazzola, the listing agent for Stonewall Farm,

740 spectacular acres and the epitome of luxury

for both the horse lover and the house lover.

We're standing in front

of the beautiful 24,000 square foot main residence

with eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

There's also a 4,000 square foot pavilion style pool house.

And it's all on the market for $100 million.

And we are lucky enough to have Rebecca Rasmussen,

the architect who designed this masterpiece.

[Rebecca] It was such a great opportunity

to be able to work so closely

with the owners of the property

to create a home that really meant a lot to them.

It's a beautiful space

with attention to all sorts of details.

So let's go in and take a look.

[classy jazz music]

This is the main entry to the home.

What's important about this space

is that you get the light from both sides.

One of the things that was particularly interesting

about this project is that we wanted the home

to really feel as if it had been here for many, many years.

So we sourced materials that were aged.

In other words, the flooring came

from many, many different locations,

but it is all antique flooring that was brought here

from states all over the country

that we put in so that it would feel that the wide planks

and the feel of the home would have this old, old sense.

So with that, let's go take a look at the living room.

[gentle music]

As an architect, one of the really interesting things

about this project was taking different influences

and creating a home for the owners.

We wanted to bring a modern aesthetic,

combine it with some antiques

and with some Asian influences,

all a nod towards interests of the owners.

So for instance, in this room,

we have a very, very simple aesthetic with the moldings,

yet we have this antique fireplace

that came from France in two pieces,

and put together as the focal point of this particular room.

[low chill music]

This is the favorite space of the owners.

What they love about it

is that there's a great indoor/outdoor connection.

You see through the French doors

that there's a lovely patio outside,

and you really have a sense that you are in the country.

One of the other things they like about this space

is that it's always bright and light during the day,

no matter what the weather.

And in the evening,

you can actually see the night sky and the stars.

It's an intimate space, fairly small,

and allows for people to have one or two people,

a nice conversation,

or a six-person dinner party.

It's quite lovely

and it's where they spend a lot of their time.

[gentle upbeat music]

This is the library.

This is a space that was influenced by McKim, Mead & White,

who built a library for Morgan in New York City

that was double height, made of mahogany,

and really was a showcase for books.

This library is a showcase for books,

but it also have an intimacy that is partially created

by the fact that it's mahogany,

stained very, very deep color.

It has a leather floor, which is weathered,

and gives a really antique feel.

It's a space that allows you to look up

and see books all the way to the sky.

You can be in here in the winter with a nice fire,

and it's a space that really, really is quite intimate

and very, very nice for the owners to spend time in.

And here we are in the kitchen.

What was really important about designing this space

was making it a comfortable space for a family.

This owner has a rather large family,

and they wanted everyone to be able to be in the kitchen

at the same time.

We created this giant island

with marble that's sourced from Vermont,

and made a space where everyone could be at the same time.

We also have a butler's pantry over here

so that it's easy to serve into the dining room

without being in the midst of everything.

On this other side, what we have is a doorway

that goes out to a patio that has a barbecue, a pizza oven.

There's an indoor/outdoor component to this kitchen

that is really great for entertaining.

[classy jazz music]

In the dining room, one of the things

that we wanted to do was make sure it was a fantastic place

to have an evening dinner party.

So the walls are Venetian plaster,

which is a highly polished plaster,

but also it just sets the scene for a really intimate,

beautiful dining experience.

[gentle upbeat music]

This is one of eight bedrooms in the home.

What's unique about this home is that each bedroom

and bathroom has its own personality.

This room, for instance, is quite deep and dark,

yet it has a beautiful terrace

that overlooks the paddocks outside.

Other rooms have things such as a copper tub.

There are rooms that are quite light and bright,

and they all have different views of the property.

[gentle reposeful music]

Here we are in the second-floor family living room.

What's great about this space

is that you get a real sense of the exterior.

Overlooking outside, you can see the koi pond,

an outdoor Japanese garden,

as well as looking beyond towards the paddocks

where the horses are.

It's really quite beautiful,

and you do get that wonderful sense

of indoors and outdoors.

Once you get to the third floor,

you can overlook the family living room,

and you also get an even better view of the outside.

In fact, right now,

I can see horses running across the paddock.

[gentle upbeat music]

This is the passageway to the primary suite.

One of the things that was interesting about designing this

was working with an artist to create these light fixtures.

The light fixtures

are out of different Japanese rice papers,

and the idea was to create a very warm glow,

intimate space which signals that you are actually

in the private areas of the primary suite.

This happens to be my very favorite view

from the entire house.

What I love about this

is that you can see the 60-foot pool house.

You can also see the roof of the pool house, which is slate,

which was taken from the Yale Divinity School.

That slate is also on this home

and gives that old world feel.

What we can see over here is the sleeping area,

very comfortable, very clean, very spare.

[gentle reposeful music]

This is the primary bathroom.

One of the important things was that we centered it

around a Japanese soaking tub.

You get a real sense of tranquility by being in this tub

and being able to see out of the window

to the paddocks beyond.

Also in this bath,

there's a very large shower and double vanities.

One of the things that brings together both East and West

in this particular room

is that we have an antique limestone floor,

which was brought in from France.

On the lower level, we have a tasting room and wine cellar.

The idea behind the design of that

was to really make it feel grotto-like.

It has a raked concrete floor.

The walls are plaster,

and they move into an arched plaster ceiling,

which is cave-like.

We had special doors made out of a woven metal

in order to just evoke old world wine cellar.

The English gardens were developed

as a way of connecting the pool

and the pool house pergolas to the main house

and making it clear that there were certain paths

that one could follow to move through the landscape

to get between one and the other.

The pool house was developed

because the owner swims every single day.

And so what we wanted to do was create a space

where it could be both indoors and outdoors.

The pool is a very organized space

where the walls on either side

on the long side of the pool open up,

so that you can have all of the French doors disappear

so that air can come through when the weather is nice,

but you can go out there in the winter

and still swim your laps.

[gentle steely music]

The thing that really influenced the design the most

was when the current owners came

and said that they really wanted this to be reminiscent

of a horse farm in Kentucky.

And so the challenge was

to build such a large home in the landscape

so that it felt like it had always been here.

So the combination of the use of materials,

the siding of the house,

the large facade that faces the road,

and then the private face on the back,

the scale starts to break down.

The land moves up so that you don't see all three stories

at the same time.

You see two stories, or you see one story,

and that was a way of making the scale of the house

relate to the scale of the barns.

Now there are barns that are far away on the property,

including a beautiful yearling barn that has offices

and houses baby horses.

I think that really the influence was just starting

with that little nugget of Kentucky horse farm.

How do you do that?

How do you make that happen

so that it doesn't feel like it's brand new?

[upbeat acoustic music]

[Hope] Whether your dream

is to live this incredible lifestyle,

or have a vision for future development,

this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

to make your vision come to life.

740 spectacular acres

with a 24,000 square foot main residence,

eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms,

and it's all on the market for $100 million.

[birds chirping]

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