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Inside The World's Highest Apartment

Today Architectural Digest brings you high above Manhattan to tour the ultra-luxurious penthouse at Central Park Tower on West 57th street, the highest residential home on the planet.

Released on 12/20/2022


[upbeat music]

[Ryan] This is the highest residential home

on planet Earth.

Welcome to the penthouse at Central Park Tower

on West 57th Street in New York City.

This apartment, the penthouse,

are the top three floors 129, 130, and 131,

and it tops off at about 1,416 feet high.

You have 360 degree views, not just of New York City,

but you can literally see the curvature of the earth.

There are seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms

and two full kitchens.

It also has the highest private ballroom

and the highest residential terrace in the world.

Central Park Tower has some of the greatest amenities.

There's a private restaurant, cigar room,

there's two swimming pools, indoor, outdoor,

full-on spa, fitness center, a movie theater.

And this is all on the market now

for a quarter billion dollars.

Let me show you around.

[jazz music]

This is the Grand Salon.

This is the main living room space,

if you will, for the apartment.

It is massive.

Nearly 3,000 square feet just of living space.

Your ceiling heights are over 27 feet high.

The feet of engineering it took to build

not just this penthouse, but this building.

Like, look how small the Chrysler building looks.

Can you see that? Like, look at that little guy.

And you've got all these other-

I mean, this is New York City.

It looks so little, down beneath us.

That's 157 West 57.

That was this developer's first tower on 57th Street,

it really created Billionaires Row.

Sometimes you'll see helicopters go by way beneath us

'cause they fly at about 1000 to 1100 feet

and we're well over 1400 feet in the air right now.

So you've got this penthouse and it's here

and it's gorgeous and it's beautiful,

it's obviously built for entertaining,

but it's also built for living.

I don't really play piano anymore.

What did I used to play? It's like the woodchuck song?

[plays piano poorly]

Anyway, I'm a broker now...

So let's go to the dining room.

[elegant piano music]

So this is where you'll have your family dinners.

We've got this really, really cool panda marble table here.

And my view while eating dinner is

the Atlantic Ocean out over Long Island.

I mean, you could see so far.

And I've got all of lower Manhattan, the Verrazano,

World Trade Center, Freedom Tower, Summit,

and I'm looking right here at Times Square.

While I'm eating dinner here, if this is December 31st,

I could be sitting in this chair,

having a glass of champagne watching the ball drop.

All right, let's go into the kitchen.

[upbeat tune plays]

The apartment has two kitchens,

one formal kitchen, family kitchen

with everything you could possibly need, gorgeous stone.

You're making a cup of coffee in your espresso machine

that's, you know, in your wall,

and again, you've got the entirety of the city.

While you're walking along the streets,

the buildings that seem like skyscrapers

look like a carpet from here.

This is brand new, so no one lives here.

So like you've got your pantry here, nice and pretty.

Get your fridge and freezer, I'm sure they're totally empty.

Yep, totally empty.

Got the boxes of the, you still have all the

the manuals and everything in here ready to go.

'Cause when you spend a quarter of a billion dollars,

you definitely need to read the refrigerator manual.

That's important, day one.

So now we're in the breakfast room.

All of the furniture is custom imported from Brazil.

You've got your extra high ceilings.

I love the wallpaper in here.

It's kind of like these light colored waves.

It's almost like you're in the clouds up here

'cause you actually are.

You have two bedrooms that are also on this floor.

So you've got the core

of the building and then you have the entryway.

So this is where we started

and I'll show you the conservatory.

Now the elevator hits on all three floors.

So you can get off on the 129th, 130th, 131st floor.

And it's private.

We took a telescope actually when I first got the listing

and went up to the terrace.

We could actually see the rings on Saturn

from the terrace because we were above the light pollution.

And speaking of rings,

this chandelier is by Cameron Design House.

And it's these two oversized rings that really

really highlight the space and show the volume of this room.

And then the conservatory leads right into the office.

[elegant piano music]

This is where things start to get very sexy.

We have this kind

of corkboard wallpaper throughout these huge shelves.

Again, this massive, massive view.

And then look at this chair.

This is where I'm gonna do this deal.

Could you imagine, this as your home office?

Could you imagine if this was your Zoom background?

So if you follow me back down the entry foyer.

And now for the internal staircase.

So to really, really experience this moment,

you have to look up.

The stair atrium is 45 feet high, nearly 50 feet.

And you'll see as we go up.

But this is not a spiral staircase, it's winding.

It's a massive amount of volume that goes all the way

up like the paths of Central Park

which is your backyard right here.

So follow me.

It's pretty spectacular like just to have this as your view.

The second floor has the majority of the bedrooms.

The entire floor that faces the park is

for the primary suite.

You have two five fixture bathrooms,

all with imported stone.

So this thing is massive and had to be

like craned in as part of the construction.

I don't take baths, but if I own this apartment

I would bubble bath at least every four days.

And every finish, like every piece of stone,

every piece of wood,

everything is basically the Rolls Royce of finishes.

They went and found the highest end of everything.

And you don't have to have any window treatments

in here either because you were so high.

Like who's gonna see you?


[elegant guitar music]

So you have two huge walk-in closets here.

And then this is your bedroom.

This is what you wake up to.

Like could you imagine?

You're just like, Oh God, oh it's a Monday.

Oh it's a Monday!

And I live in a 250 million penthouse!

They say money doesn't buy happiness

but it's hard not to look at this view and not smile.

It's wild.

[upbeat music]

All right, now let's go upstairs to the private ballroom.

[upbeat tune plays]

This is the highest private ballroom in the world.

There's actually over 12,100 individual pieces

of glass in the entire tower.

So you could have an event here with 200, 300 people easily.

It is that big. Private elevator all the way up.

The glass is super, super thick.

At 1,416 feet in the air, you're above sound.

Sound will start to dissipate as it travels up glass

at about a hundred floors, give or take.

So what you hear up here is the wind

the noise, airplanes, helicopters, and that's it.

I mean these windows are 12 feet high

and this is only one level.

Off the ballroom, you have this full on chef's kitchen,

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 different freezer

and refrigerator drawers.

A massive chef sub-zero.

And then through that door you have a host of other rooms

that can be for private gyms, for security,

different guest rooms, prep spaces, nannies, live-ins,

et cetera.

Goes on and on and on.

But the floor plan was really, really well thought out.

Let's go back to the ballroom.

You would host a fundraiser here, a charity event.

You could have amazing dinner parties.

I mean, it's a ballroom.

You could have a fashion show,

you could have a a basketball court

in here if you wanted to.

It's really up to you.

I mean, this place is pretty big, right?

So I've sold a lot of penthouses in my life.

Never before have I had the opportunity to sell a penthouse

with a terrace like this.

So now we're on the highest terrace on earth.

You have 10 foot triple plane glass that surrounds you.

So super safe, also blocks a significant amount of the wind.

And I just want you to listen for a second.

All the honking, all the noise, everything from Manhattan

you can't hear it because we're above sound.

You are so high that you've entered a state

of serenity in New York City that was never achievable

until today with this building in this penthouse, right?

It's the ocean all the way out there.

You can see very, very far.

And you can see the shape of New York City

as it starts to angle all the way down to lower Manhattan.

You kinda see how the bedrock moves?

You see how the towers

and the city are are really, really high?

And they dip down as the ground becomes much softer

and much more water log and then it builds back

up where the bedrock comes back in lower Manhattan?

It's pretty wild.

And so that's the penthouse at Central Park Tower

and it's all on the market for $250 million.

I'm Ryan Serhant.

Thank you so much for coming on this tour with me.

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