Tour a Family Retreat in Antigua Where Whimsy and Showstopping Views Prevail

To craft this Caribbean compound for a pair of long-term clients, this “dream team” of creatives, led by Kemble Interiors, worked in lockstep to achieve winning results

Beyond the interior scheme, the home’s outdoor areas remain an undeniable draw. It’s something landscape architect Keith Williams of Nievera Williams approached with a knowing, sensitive hand. “I didn’t want the new gardens to be in contrast with the existing vegetation—there is something very simple and tranquil about the natural landscape on the island,” he says of his plan for the lush green spaces, which comprise native tree varieties such as cinnamon, loblolly, and calabash, alongside shrubs that include black willow, sugar apple, and sea grape. “The views are breathtaking, and we focused on creating areas that function indoor-outdoor and that took advantage of that.”

As involved as the clients were at every step of the three-year project, they were happy to trust that their cohesive team would keep their best interests top of mind. “I love the sense of playfulness and whimsy, though there were a few things I was questioning along the way,” confides the wife, mentioning the blue-and-white-bubble tiles in the kids’ cottage as an example. “But then when it was all put together, it was perfect. We’ve learned over the years just to put our faith in Mimi and know that, in the end, she’ll do the right thing.”