Welcome to AD’s October 2023 Issue: It’s All About City Living

AD editor-in-chief Amy Astley reveals what’s in store for the October issue
woman and her daughters on a couch.
Parachute founder Ariel Kaye at home in L.A. with her daughter.Photo: Laure Joliet. Art: Strauss Bourque-LaFrance.

Adwoa Aboah in her London bedroom.


What could be more satisfying than living in an environment that eloquently expresses your personality, values, and tastes with bespoke perfection? Cover star Adwoa Aboah’s thoughtful words above would be music to the ears of any interior designer. In Aboah’s case, that designer is the Swedish-born, London-based AD100 talent Beata Heuman, who helped the actor-activist-model craft her happy place in a Victorian-era town house in west London. “We wanted something theatrical but still cozy and calm,” Heuman notes of the creative collaboration.

Architectural designer Abigail Turin in her San Francisco sitting room.

Photo: Sang An. Art: © 2008 Olafur Eliasson/Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York / Los Angeles.

This issue features several other city dwellers who enlisted skillful designers to help them achieve their personal visions. James LaForce and Stephen Henderson are those rare New Yorkers who enjoy the luxury of a vast apartment, and they wisely hired Ryan Lawson (“He was great,” Henderson declares) to help them finesse a space that can accommodate both large-scale entertaining and intimate dinners for two. In LA, Ariel Kaye, the founder of minimalist home furnishings brand Parachute, landed the ideal house in which to raise her two young children (near the beach and close to her parents) but confesses, “I needed to leave my safe beige world behind and get funky by bringing on an expert who’d push me out of my comfort zone.” Kaye got exactly what she wished for from designer Sally Breer, who found her client “incredibly open-minded, brave, and trusting.”

James LaForce and Stephen Henderson in their Manhattan loft.

Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson

The L.A. home of designer Oliver M. Furth and brand strategist Sean Yashar.

Yoshihiro Makino

Finally, AD visits two other California dwellings whose owners, Abigail Turin in San Francisco and Oliver Furth in LA, are both design professionals and conjured their respective dream homes exactly to their personal specifications. “Architects are like shoemakers,” laughs Turin. “We never quite get around to our own projects.” But when they do, the results are thrilling.

Amy Astley with Yashar and Furth at an event in L.A.

Photo: Vlasta Pilot/BFA.com

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