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Top Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

The moment you log onto prime time news, you would have noticed debates and events conducted to spread the concept of climate change and the effects of global warming. As our carbon footprint grows bigger and stronger every day, it is vital that we begin taking small steps to stop it and what better place to start than your own home. So here are some of the methods and ways through which you can make your home eco-friendly.

1. Usage of Water

Ideally, one of the most critical steps in this regard is for every household to begin the conservation of water by curbing and monitoring their usage. Residents utilize water for many reasons, out of which some can be controlled. For example, using water for washing your car, cleaning dishes, swabbing and scrubbing, etc., are some of the ways where its usage can be controlled and limited to a great extent. Apart from this, fixing and monitoring leakage from tapes and other pipes, rainwater harvesting are also essential steps towards water conservation.

2. Solar Panels

Solar panels are expensive and might seem like an avoidable option. But once you’ve come across its advantages and benefits, you will surely realize that it’s a long term investment plan. Solar panels are an energy efficient way to provide you with electricity and other such requirements making it an essential choice towards becoming eco-friendly.

3. Natural Cleaning Products

When natural cleaning products such as citric acid from fruits and vinegar are readily available, then why should one go in for chemically charged ways to clean? These natural products help to do all the cleaning you require for your day to day purposes.

4. LED Bulbs

Ordinary bulbs might be attractive, but they don’t last as long as an LED. LED lamps and bulbs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly products which does not cost much. Unlike other bulbs, these bulbs do not have a warm up period and hence provides you with instant light, which is another reason why it is so efficient.

5. Recycle

Every household should ensure that they purchase products which are recyclable and also avoid the usage of plastic at all costs. There are more recyclable products, then one can imagine. From kitchen roll to paper, households should be aware of all this.

6. Grow More Plants

Growing plants is not expensive and also not a straining process.  Plants are one of the ideal methods to make your home eco-friendly, which also helps to keep the air cool and fresh at your home. A little mud and a pot are one of the best ways to get your hands dirty for a good cause. Plants also set the tone for an excellent decor treatment at home, thereby opening the door for better compliments.

Tips to brighten up a dark room:

If you’re blessed enough to have a home in which every home is exposed to natural light, you’re pretty lucky! Because no matter what, every home at least has that one room which even in broad daylight is dark! Want to level up and bring this room at par with the rest of your home?

Here are a few tips and tricks to do it!

Bright, light colors:
For such rooms, don’t opt for darker shades and tones. Instead, use light pastel shades to make the room look huge, airy, and bright. The best color which actually works to brighten up rooms is white – just whitewash those walls and watch how brighter the room looks!

Bring in the mirrors:
After you’re done painting the room in a lighter shade, then come in the mirrors – the mirrors won’t be of any use if you’ve painted the room in a dark tone. Light bounces off much better in light-colored rooms – so bring in the mirrors later and place them in strategic corners to make the room look not only bigger but also brighter.

Darker furniture and accessories:
Bringing in darker accessories and furniture will give your light-colored room an altogether different dimension. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the dark tones – you will lose the element of bright – pop in the darker accessories in the right amounts, and you’re good to go!

Bright drapes and cushions:
These always work – plus they look really cool! Yellows, bright pinks, turquoise, orange – these are the shades which will lift the overall look of your room  – making it look really great. Bring in these elements in the form of curtains, cushions, table cloths – even tea-cups and others such tiny accessories will work the wonder.

Light up the room:
The lights in your room will do the trick too – change the lighting system of your room and watch the room flooded with brightness. Opt for bulbs which give a daylight tone, so that you can use them even in the day. Also, keep in mind the lights shouldn’t be really bright – you don’t want it to be blaring in your eyes! Keep the lights lighter, just enough to make your room look lively.

Strike the right balance:
Don’t go overboard with anything – keep the palette bright and natural-looking – not forced. In the attempt to brighten up the room, don’t lose out on the balance of the shades and colors of the accessories and furniture you choose.

Top Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Interiors can be deceiving and yet beautiful. Being one of the foremost things which one notices, interiors are a crucial part of any home. But it’s not an easy task to make your interiors look good on your own, opening the door for some professionalism. And that calls for an Interior Designer. So, here’s why you should hire an Interior Designer.

1. Value for Money

When an individual who lacks experience takes up a job, he/she is bound to make mistakes. In the case of interior designing, these mistakes mean extra cost for you, which increases your expenses and further expands your budget. Hence instead of going through all this trouble, why not hire a professional? A skilled interior designer will provide you with suggestions and also an estimate of the cost, which helps you to formulate a budget in advance, and also it helps you stick to it. This brings value for your investment as designers know what goes where and how to make your home look like an art piece.

2. The Concept of Ergonomics

Creating a space with a quality design which goes well with the rest of your house is a vital factor to be considered during this process. This is where the concept of Ergonomics comes into the picture. Ergonomics is a concept which most designers are well aware of, and hence, they make the best output in terms of interiors which does not out of place from the rest of your home.

3. Resources

The raw materials required for your interiors is numerous and at times can be hard to find on your terms. The easiest to eliminate this problem is to hire an interior designer. These designers know where to find their stuff, especially when it comes to their craft. With years of experience and consultation, interior designers might also be able to give you a discounted rate on these resources, thereby enhancing the productivity of your budget.

4. Property Value

There is a particular reason to the fact that people dealing with property investments and real estate business always hires an interior designer for their homes i.e., because designers with their architectural skills can single-handedly increase the property value of your place. People, while purchasing houses always look for homes with top-notch interiors as it makes their search easy and faster. Everyone wants a home with good interiors and not one without it.

5. The Professional Touch

It is easy to notice a house with interiors designed by a professional and a house designed by a regular person. Professionals tend to leave a mark which enhances the beauty of your home, which suits the flow of your home, whereas an unprofessional tends to make errors and disrupts the entire flow of your home.

Tips to Keep your Lawn Green

Having a lawn is considered something of a space where children can play, learn, and eventually a place for everyone at home. Having gardens can be welcoming for guests and also helps to maintain the greenery in the environment. Although lawns have benefits, they are not easy to maintain. So if your a resident with a garden in front then listen up and pay close attention.

1. Watering

Watering plants is essential for their survival. But there is a specific time for watering. If you water your lawn in the afternoon, then the water gets absorbed by the sun.

Hence watering the lawn in the morning is the ideal time as the soil absorbs it and thus begins the process of photosynthesis. Allowing the soil to absorb the water is the essential part of the process to maintain a healthier and greener lawn.

2. Lawn Mower

Utilizing a lawn mower is necessary to maintain a lawn. Lawnmowers typically are affordable materials which come in handy while cutting off the extra set of grass. While using a lawn mower also make sure that you leave grass around 3-4 inches high. Taller blades for glass are always welcoming to maintain stronger and healthier roots.

3. Soil Testing

A greener lawn always means a healthier soil. Testing your soil for contents such as phosphorus and nitrogen are critical for providing the necessary ingredients to maintain an edible garden. This process also lets you analyze the efficiency of your soil and helps in understanding whether your land has all the required nutrients. Although chemical methods to improve your soil efficiency might cause harm to your lawn, there are environmentally friendly methods to be considered during this process. If your a person who likes the sight of a good grass then begin testing your soil today.

4. Renovation

Yes, you heard it right. Lawns at times do require been renovated. The summer heat at times can be hard for gardens and the soil to maintain their growth. A hot summer can eventually leave holes and other such spots on your lawn. This mainly occurs when the grass variety becomes too old. Hence renovating them by reseeding can be an ideal option.

5. Mower quality

Maintaining your mower machine is also necessary to carry out the function of using it more effectively and efficiently. Constant usage of those blades can cause a lot of damage to your machine. Hence sharpening those blades, changing those filters, oil once in a while seems like a viable option.

6. Water temperature

Lawns should always be watered with cold water and not hot water. Hot water should never be considered as an option because it can do more harm than good to your soil.



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