Workers doing an online team building

With the workforce being in the state that it is today, it can be challenging for people to get along and work well with their other team members. Having good team-building exercises is vital for any team, but especially for online groups. It isn’t common knowledge on how to grow together as a team online. Still, these days, it is surprisingly effortless and straightforward to do. Here are a few ways to do online team building:

Small Games and Competitions

Running small games and competitions as online team building exercises is a great way to get your team to work together and bring a level of fun into the equation. Games such as Bingo or Pictionary are great games to enjoy some time together as a team and build up support for one another.

Channels to show off pets

Whether you are a cat person, dog person, bird person or otherwise, you should know that people love to show off their pets. Having a channel or a place for your team to post their pets is quirky and fun. It gives people a chance to show off a part of their personality that they often don’t get to show in a typical work environment.

Assigning roles to Team Members

An excellent exercise for online team building is to assign roles to your team members. Not only does it give each team member a greater sense of purpose, but it also gives them something to do or look forward to. Having a team cheerleader, a scribe, or someone dedicated to taking screenshots throughout the meeting can introduce aspects that can make the team work better.

Making Recaps for In-Person Events

It is common in the all-virtual world of today that people can get low morale because they can very easily forget the impact that their work is having since they are constantly hidden behind a screen. Making a video of what is going on outside of the virtual office space is a great way to remind them that they are making a difference and that their work has value outside of the internet.

Get-To-Know-You Games

Games that allow you to get to know your fellow teammates are great exercises for learning about your fellow teammates. Simple games such as “Never Have I Ever” or “Two Truths and a Lie” are pretty good at breaking the ice and letting your team get to know each other just a little bit more. Do be warned that sometimes these games can get pretty out of control or inappropriate, so depending on the type of environment you are playing these games in, you might need to moderate slightly.

Sending Stuff in the Mail

Sending stuff to your team members in the mail and having them wait until the next meeting to open it can be a fun thing to do and give your teammates something to look forward to about the next meeting. Things like different flavours of coffee or tea, coupons for doughnuts or a neat little nick-nack can be something fun that your team members will appreciate.

As you can see, online team building exercises aren’t that challenging. They can boost the morale of your team by significant margins if done right. Employees and teams, in general, don’t want to work constantly, so having these exercises can make the work environment more fun for each employee and morale will increase, as well as having an overall stronger team that has each other’s back. You can do each of these exercises without spending much money, and your team will be sure to appreciate it.