Koru necklace from New Zealand

Thinking about buying a gift for someone you care about to show them just how much you love them? Jewellery is a popular choice for gifts, and a Koru necklace is becoming very popular as a gift in its own right.

But what is it? A Koru necklace is a piece of jade or bone that is carved into a symbol that has special cultural and spiritually significant to the native Maori people of New Zealand. While not everyone will believe in the literal power of these symbols, they are still significant in terms of the meaning that they convey.

The shape itself is based on the New Zealand fern that unfurls as it grows, giving the signature spiral shape that looks like an ocean wave. In the Maori culture, a Koru necklace is representative of peace, tranquillity, personal change, personal growth and a new awakening.

Because it is associated with harmony and new life, it is a common gift for people who are starting a new chapter in their life that will bring them peace. Newlyweds, new parents, and even babies are the most common recipients of a Koru necklace – but it would be appropriate for anyone who can construe meaning from it in their personal life.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of buying this kind of gift for your loved one.


It’s unique

When most people think of jewellery, they think of diamond rings, silver earrings, and gold bracelets – but how many times have they picture something made of jade or bone? A Koru necklace is something that’s truly unique that the recipient has unlikely ever expected to receive, even if they were already aware of Maori culture.

This type of jewellery really makes a statement in a world where everyone has very similar accessories. If you are buying a gift for a fashion-conscious person, this could be the defining, unique piece that sets them apart.

In this sense, a Koru necklace is also a great talk-piece that gets the conversation going. Speaking about its cultural meaning and significance can be a great way to start memorable conversations with people.

It has meaning

Koru necklace

While any gift you give someone will have meaning to it, a Koru necklace goes a step further in the fact that it has a cultural meaning attached to it. A regular piece of jewellery made from silver or gold has no inherent meaning to it other than looking nice – this is a piece of culture has is dripping with meaning and significance.

When you buy this as a gift for someone, you are conveying that meaning to them and in a sense wishing them well in a specific way. For example, giving a Koru necklace to a friend who has just got married would communicate to them that you are hopeful for their marriage and blessing them with your best wishes.

As mentioned earlier, the significance of the jewellery does not need to be literally believed in a spiritual sense. Humans love to attach meaning to inanimate objects all the time, even if they are otherwise rational when it comes to other aspects of their life.

Knowing what the jewellery means and who it was given from gives it a significance attached to a personal relationship. This is the core value of this item and the main reason why it is such an impactful gift.


It looks great

Of course, a Koru necklace made from jade or bone is going to look beautiful and have a more authentic, grounded appeal than other more traditional types of jewellery.