There are a million different reasons for buying online prescriptions instead of going through the same steps in person at the store.

By avoiding the long waiting times, the fight for parking spaces and a backlog of other customers vying for the specialist’s attention, these digital outlets offer a far more convenient option.

Yet there are some practical hacks that are evident which will help customers avoid many of the common mistakes that occur when partaking in this online shopping expedition.

Here are 5 of the top ticks of the trade to take note of.


1 – Using Your Prescription Details

Without a prescription on hand, there is no point in seeking online prescriptions. This is 101 of buying brands in this industry, ensuring that men and women locate the right pair that is customised to being the right fit for their needs. The information that consumers require before they proceed is their pupillary distance or PD measurement and other data that will be provided from an optometrist, including the sphere (SPH), the axis (AXI) and cylinder (CYL). Just like fitting into a pair of sneakers or a dress, the measurements are the basic starting point before style even comes into the equation.


2 – Broaden The Search

Shoppers won’t be left high and dry when they are on the lookout for online prescriptions. Yet there is still a need to select quality over quantity in this respect. The aim of the game is to find a reputable provider who will offer ongoing benefits and dividends, instigating loyalty schemes and reward points for purchases that are made over time. This is where a broad-based search is essential, giving constituents the chance to compare outlets based on price, on style, on customer service reputation and ability to deliver where it truly counts. The smaller the search, the greater the chance that the customer will be shortchanged without knowing what the alternative might offer.


3 – Think About Your Style Preference

Shoppers will save themselves an enormous amount of time and energy when they seek out online prescriptions that fit their style preference. This requires some consideration ahead of time, checking websites, brochures and information booklets that detail what these items look like and why they would be suitable for their lifestyle. All manner of styles will be on the table here, from thin and lightweight designs to stylish flat top glasses, retro 80s pairs, circular and rounded brands to aviators and sports glasses.


4 – Only Opt For Extras You Actually Want

Be careful before hitting that ‘buy’ button with online prescriptions just in case the site has automatically included some provisional extras as part of the package. In this phase of the process, the outlet will point their customers to lens coating options, offering UV protection mechanisms, anti-reflective brands and scratch resistant lenses. Some of these inclusions do actually offer value for money, but don’t proceed with them unless they tick all of the right boxes and there is scope in the budget to make that extra investment.


5 – Warranty & Returns Policy

Sourcing online prescriptions will be beneficial for improving vision for indoor and outdoor conditions, but the moment they crack or become lost, they will be a nuisance to deal with. Rather than fretting about that circumstance, it is worthwhile buying from a provider who offers a coherent and fair warranty and returns policy package. Receiving that guarantee with online prescriptions will give peace of mind for men and women who will have damaged or misplaced their glasses before, and the last thing they want is to go through that anguish again before paying full price.