Are you in need of a solar panel supplier, but you don’t know how to find the best one for your business? Don’t worry; we got you. Over the past few years, solar energy has broken through in the sustainable energy niche. Improvements in technology have helped it grow exponentially. The need for sustainable energy has skyrocketed too. 

These improvements have also indirectly created more job opportunities and a market for solar panels. There are many types of companies affiliated with this use of sunlight. They spread across suppliers, installers, manufacturers, etc. 

We will be focusing on the solar panel supplier firms. These are companies that get inventory from manufacturers and supply them to retailers. This article will talk about how you can find the best suppliers for your business. Let’s get right into it. 

  • Check For Licenses And Insurance

When looking for a solar panel supplier, one of the first things to look out for is their license. What other way should such a company prove its competence and begin to gain traction in the industry if not by getting a license? Any company that is serious about running a serious business should have a license, isn’t it? So when you’re on the lookout, check for permits. 

A reputable company should hold at least a C-10 license and a general electrical contractor’s license. Another vital thing to look out for is insurance coverage. These are issued by insurance companies to cover certain negative occurrences and compensate the companies for paying a monthly or yearly fee.

If a license is proof of competence, insurance is the next best thing to look out for. 

  • Track Record And Experience

worker installing solar panels

Next on our list is a good track record. A good solar panel supplier should boast a good track record over the years. Awards, recognitions, and other honours will definitely be rolling in over the years if they are a good company. 

When looking out for an excellent solar panel supplier, you have to look for those with good track records and a great show of experience. The company’s track record is a warranty that they wouldn’t disappoint you when you order from them. It gives you a sense of trust in them. 

Look out for their customer satisfaction ratings and even try to reach out to retailers they’ve supplied to before. 

  • Get Multiple Quotes From Different Companies

This is the very last thing on our list. When you’re on the look for the best solar panel supplier, get whites from multiple companies. This way, you can compare and contrast all the offers available. 

You can schedule an appointment with a representative of the company so you can ask them other questions that were left unanswered from the quotes you’ve received.

These questions can cut across different borders; you should ask things like:

  • Have you supplied to a retailer in my area before? 
  • What is your delivery system like, and what are my options? 
  • How long do I have to wait for the panels to be delivered?
  • Can your inventory cover my supply needs every time I order?
  • What are your warranties like, and what do they cover?

When you ask questions like these, you’d get a clear enough picture of the different companies’ services and know which one would best suit you. 

Finding the best supplier to meet your solar panel retail needs is daunting. We made this article to make it a tad bit easier. We know that as you follow it step by step, you’d be able to get the solar panel supplier for your business.