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Trying to meet new acquaintances can be intimidating at times, especially if you have just moved to a new city. Acquaintances you hang out with form a big part of most people’s lives, and it is important to have social interaction with others. These are the people who will be there and help you through your ups and downs in life and just in general when you are looking for something to do. When looking to make friends in Sydney, you should be clear with yourself about what types of acquaintances you are trying to meet. This could be regular meetup people, every-so-often acquaintances, and true soul mate people. Most people have every-so-often acquaintances who are generally those you see when the context calls for it, such as work colleagues or school mates. However, some people are looking for more than that. It is definitely possible to make friends in Sydney regardless of age.

Here are some ways to make friends in Sydney.


Realize that the fear of meeting new people is in your head

When looking to make friends in Sydney, shyness is a common thing to experience in most if not all people. Many will see meeting new people as a scary thing. “We can have many fears to do with this such as whether or not people will like our presence, or if we can even keep the conversation going. The apprehension we experience will develop into fear, and this can make things awkward when trying to make friends in Sydney. Shyness is actually just a subset of fear. What people need to realize is that these fears are all in their heads. When you are worried about the impression that you are going to make, they too are worried about the same thing. Furthermore, a relationship is built on more than just a one-time encounter with somebody and people realize that. You do not need to worry so much when looking to make friends in Sydney.


Start small with people you know

If you are not used to socializing or participating in social interactions, then you will need to start small in order to get back into the groove of things. You can start to make friends in Sydney by reaching out to casual acquaintances. These could be people you see every so often or people you haven’t seen in a while. Starting off small with people like these will help as you already have a somewhat relationship with them and you can get back into socializing easily through this and it will make it less awkward. You can also see if there are any cliques you can join. This makes it easier as there is already an established group of people that you can socialize with and can help to expand your connections. The existing members of the clique will likely lead the conversations and you will be able to chime in every so often to establish a social interaction within the group. This is a good way to make friends in Sydney.


Accept invitations to go out

If you are looking to make friends in Sydney, then it is likely you do not go out too much and possibly even avoid it. A good way to find social interaction and make friends in Sydney is to accept invitations to go out. This allows you to interact with a wide variety of people and possibly make new connections and relationships. It also shows that you are willing to go out and are open, which will help with future invitations and make people want to socialize with you.


In summary, to make friends in Sydney requires a bit of effort, and whilst it may be awkward at first, it will ultimately be worth it.