Thinking about investing in new ERP software and curious to know about MYOB Advanced pricing? It’s one of the best known and most beloved ERP systems available, so it’s certainly is a very good thing to look into! So how much does it cost?

What is it?

Before we get into MYOB Advanced pricing, it’s a good idea to take a look at what it is. Put simply, it is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed for small to medium-sized businesses. This technology was first introduced to Australia back in 2015 and has become extremely popular since it was first brought to market. Why? Because it provides amazing value and is designed to accommodate business growth. It’s ideal for businesses with more than ten employees and many companies find themselves looking into MYOB Advanced pricing when they outgrow their existing systems. The great thing about this software is that it isn’t overkill and isn’t unnecessarily expensive.

MYOB Advanced pricing – how much is it?

MYOB Advanced application displayed in a monitor

Want to know about the cost structure of this great technology? Well, it is charged out only on a monthly basis per user. Your total monthly fee will be dependant on the number of people you have using it. In an organisation that has five users subscribed, you may expect to pay several thousand a year – each license costs $104 a month. For many mid-sized businesses, this can be a very cost-effective service, especially when considering the fact that your monthly licensing fees including server maintenance, cloud hosting, security, and regular back-ups of your data. This MYOB Advanced pricing will also allow you access to any upgrades, patches, or updates required to keep your software running smoothly. You may want to factor in the cost of implementing this ERP software for your business as data conversions and integration can take time. Implementing the technology generally costs around $20,000 and can take several months.

Different license options

When trying to understand MYOB Advanced pricing you should keep in mind that there are three different editions of the product, standard, plus, and enterprise. The standard edition gives your company access to all the basic functionality whilst the other licensing types include a number of more sophisticated features. One of the best things about choosing this technology is that you can easily upgrade editions and you can choose to add or remove users which means your only ever paying for what you actually use. It’s also possible to manage the things that certain users can see and set what they are able to do in the system.


MYOB Advanced pricing is extremely useful, especially since this ERP software can dramatically increase productivity and make workflows in your business much smoother. The flat fee charged on a monthly basis makes it very easy to fit this within your budget and is an attractive benefit of this software. For smaller businesses the features may be more than they need and the costs of implementation too high. Businesses should do a cost analysis when trying to decide if the software is right for them – in many cases for organisations with revenues over $2 million annually, this resource planning software is highly beneficial and could help with cost-savings.

For information on the costs of different licenses and features, it’s best to check in with different providers and to assess how many users your business will need. Hopefully, this article has given you some good insight into what you might expect to pay to implement this very useful technology in your business. It’s well worth investing in if you can do it.