Newcastle self storage

Renting a Newcastle self storage unit can be a great way to remove some of the clutter in and around the home or office space – but how do you keep your Newcastle self storage unit organised?

Simply throwing boxes of stuff into a room with no organisation can cause a lot of headaches. There’s nothing worse than trying to sift through piles of unorganised items when you’re trying to find something you need. So what can you do to make sure a Newcastle self storage unit is well-organised? There are a number of techniques and tricks you can use to keep your space properly organised.

Read on below for some expert tips on how to keep all your valuable belongings organised and neat. This advice can help to make the entire process of moving your items into a unit much less stressful.


Label boxes

When putting labels on boxes, most people will simple write the room that the objects belong to. Rarely do people write a complete inventory on the box, which means a lot of people end up with lots of boxes with labels like ‘living room’ and ‘kitchen’ – which is not very helpful at all when you’re trying to find a specific item. If you expect that you’ll need to be fetching items out of your boxes and containers in your Newcastle self storage unit then it’s a good idea to keep an inventory. An easy way to inventory your items is to note down everything you put into the box as you put it in. An inventory will make the process of searching for and finding an item must faster and a proper list can be easily updated if you remove or add items to your Newcastle self storage.


Use vertical space

One of the most important things to do when organising your Newcastle self storage unit is to use the space as efficiently as possible – which means stack your boxes and furniture items! Stacking your items means you’ll be able to rent a smaller unit which will mean lower costs. If you have items that you can break down or flat pack, then that can also be a great way to save space. To organise you items safely, make sure you stack heavier items and boxes towards the bottom for a more stable base. It’s a good idea to carve out a path between boxes so you can easily access items when you need to.


Try using plastic tubs

One great tip when storing your items at a Newcastle self storage unit is to use plastic tubs to store your valuable items. Plastic containers can help to protect items from the mould and mildew that often builds up over time in cardboard boxes. Plastic tubs are a great way to prevent insects and other contaminants from getting towards your important items. Newcastle storage units are safe, secure and clean but dust and mildew can build up every where so make sure your possessions are properly protected.


Don’t stuff too much in

It can be tempting to try and cram boxes and units to try and save on costs, but this can be more trouble then it’s worth. Cramped spaces can encourage mildew build up and can be a safety hazard so make sure you allow plenty of space to move around and ensure that you can get to everything you need, when you need it.


Staying organised involves knowing where everything is and being sure you can get to it whenever you need to. Hopefully these tips will help you to stay organised!